Hugo, Ghost, Beehiiv, and You

I’ve been looking into posting on Medium, using Ghost, etc and am a bit lost. So there’s a high likelihood I might be trying out a few different mediums before I find one that makes me happy.

My former colleague and all-round AWS Rockstar Ross Wickman has setup a newsletter Unlimited Leave with beehiiv, which is pretty cool. I recommend you subscribe!

Anyways, I’ve been using hugo for a bit and have been pretty happy with the ease of use. I haven’t really done much customization (as you can plainly see), but I’ll get there. But what about the most important part of the site: the content? Well, here goes my master plan…

I don’t have one. BUT! As of this writing, I’m considering having both technical writing here, as well as short stories. I really miss the old days of the internet where everything had the feel of a labor of love from a hobbyist and a freedom of information focus. I hope to embody and embrace that in the near future.

I’ll sign off for now, with nothing but a promise that I’ll continue to expand upon the site and try to recover prior articles I wrote on my older site.

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